Advertising Questions:

1.  What information does the visual argument coney? What is it INTENDED to convey?

2.  Does the visual argument highlight particular information (name, face, scene) to attract viewer attention?

3.  How is the visual argument composed?  What is your eye drawn to first?   Why?

4.  What is in the foreground?  Background?  What is in or out of focus?   What is placed high?  Low?  To the left?  Center?  Right?   What effect do these placements have on the message of the visual?

5.  How are light and color used?  What effects do they have or are they intended to have on viewers?

6.  What details are included or emphasized?  What details are omitted or de-emphasized?  To what effect?

7.  Does the visual evoke positive or negative individuals, scenes or ideas?

8.  What emotions does the visual argument text evoke?  Which ones does it intend to provoke?  Desire? Envy?  Empathy?  Shame or guilt?  Pride? Nostalgia? Something else?

9.  What values or ideals does the visual argment suggest - the good life, love and harmony, tradition, power, beuty, sex appeal, youth, adventure?  Does the visual reinforce these values or question them?

10.  Is anything in the visual argument repeated, intensified, or exaggerated?   Is anything presented as "supernormal" or idealized?  What effects are intended by these strategies, and what effects do they have on you as a viewer?

11.  Is anything in the visual argument downplayed, ambiguous, confusing, distracting, or obviously omitted?  To what ends?

12.  What is the role of any print that accompanies the visual argument?    How does it clarify or reinforce (or perhaps blus or contradict) the message the visual argument sends?

13.  What is the purpose of the visual argument?  What do its creators intend for its effects to be?