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Computer Science
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ID Course Times
INF 1300 Info Research and Strategies NA
INF 1320 Information Design NA
INF 1325 Information Des & Eval NA
INF 2300 Intell. Fndn.-Informatics Online
INF 2315 Informatics, Ethics and Societ NA
INF 2340 Web Page Usability NA
INF 3307 Res Methods in Informatics NA
INF 3311 Information Policy NA
INF 3320 Foundations of Info Org M W: 8:30am - 10:50am
INF 3330 Information Behavior NA
INF 3340 Information Admin and Gov NA
INF 3350 Database Sys for Informatics NA
INF 4310 Eval of Information Systems NA
INF 4320 Info. Sources by Discipline NA
INF 4365 Project Mgt for Informatics NA
INF 4380 Project in Informatics TBD
INF 4390 Seminar in Informatics NA

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FRI: 8:00a - noon
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Informatics: Making Technology Simple

Informatics is the study of information usability and simplicity in relation to technology. The discipline focuses on user-centered deesign.

Students in the program learn to evaluate information's effectiveness and presentation whether it be on a website, computer application or other format.

Graduates of the program understand how to perform usability studies and are eligible for positions as website designers, information architects or usability specialists.

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