David Turner
Brooks Hall 414
334 | 386 - 7163

ID Course Times
MH 1338 Finite Math N/A
MH 1340 Precalculus Algebra N/A
MH 2190 Transition to Advanced Math N/A
MH 2453 Calculus III N/A
MH 3310 Linear Algebra N/A
MH 3340 Number Theory N/A
MH 3370 Differential Equations N/A
MH 4340 Abstract Algebra N/A
MH 4345 Abstract Algebra II M 5:30-8:20p in B408
MH 4350 Foundations of Plane Geometry N/A
MH 4360 Real Analysis I N/A
MH 4370 Complex Variables N/A
PHY 2111 University Physics I Lab N/A
PHY 2112 University Physics II Lab MW 3:10-5:10p in B437
PHY 2311 University Physics I N/A
PHY 2312 University Physics II MW 1:40-3:00p in B 404

Office Hours

Spring 2013
F 7:30-12:30p