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Welcome to Dr. Trull's web site.  This web site is provided for students to access course material, update notes, and check on assignments.  It also provides links to mission activities.

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Dr. Trull is Professor of Bible and Missiology. He received his Ph.D. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity, M.Th. from Harding University Graduate School of Religion, and a B.S. and B.A., degrees from Harding University.
He joined the Faulkner University faculty in 1995 and he directs the missions program.  He also serves as an elder at the Fort Deposit Church of Christ. Before coming to Faulkner, he and his wife were missionaries in Meru, Kenya for over ten years.  They worked among the Meru tribe on the northeast slope of Mt. Kenya.  The tribe numbered about one million in size. They and one other family founded the work in Meru in 1984.  Their ministry was a church planting ministry which required them to learn the local tribal language to share the gospel message in the heart language of the Meru people.  During the ten years on the mission field they were blessed to see thirty-two congregations planted that continue to this day with new congregations also being started by the Kenyan churches.  There are currently forty-five congregations among the Meru and Maasai that border them. They also direct a Bible and vocational training center, Meru School of Theology (MST), in the central town where Christians are able to receive more formal education.  MST offers Bible courses year around for Christians and church leaders, The vocational training assists people in developing more skills for earning a living.  More information is available at

They continue to work in missions through follow-up visits to Africa and summer mission trips with students to various parts of the world.  Faulkner currently has a mission emphasis group called Pi Tau Epsilon which encourages students, faculty, staff, and others to participate in.  Faulkner University’s Missions for Christ.  It is a ministry experience program designed to assist students in participating in mission activities domestically and internationally. Its primary purpose is to provide ministry support to missionaries while providing the students with missions experiences. The missions program at Faulkner is designed to provide quality academic instruction with practical missions outreach programs. Dr. Trull is co-sponsor of  Pi Tau Epsilon which is a mission emphasis group comprised of students, faculty, staff and others interested in missions who meet to develop and facilitate participation in mission efforts. The goal from these practical mission experiences is to increase missions interest and to raise-up long-term missionaries for future mission service.

Meru, Kenya


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